Child Abuse and Neglect – Should I Pursue a Civil Case for Damages Sustained by My Child?


In Florida, parents expect that the adults who work in day care centers and schools are responsible people who will supervise and protect the children under their care. Most chid care providers, administrators, and teachers are caring individuals who dedicate the better part of their days to the protection, supervision, and education of children. While training and background checks do help weed out dangerous and / or unqualified individuals, there are many individuals who work with or supervise children and use their position of trust to take advantage, neglect and harm children under their care. Some individuals choose to work with children and at schools because they have a sexual or inappropriate interest in children. While school officials and law enforcement officials work to prevent these individuals from working with children, it is unrealistic to think that all such individuals are kept away from children.

When a child is neglected, abused, or harmed by another person, criminal proceedings are warranted. A civil case is often times pursued as well. The decision whether or not to pursue a civil case will depend on the availability of liabilit insurance, the ability to prove the case, the extent of the damages / injuries, and other factors. Often times, it is helpful to have a Florida Child Injury Attorney assess the case and make a determination as to the viability of the claim and the appropriate course of action to pursue the same.

The book titled – The ABCs of Child Injuries – Legal Rights of the Injured Child – What Every Parent Should Know – has chapters on Day Care Center Injuries, Child Abuse and Neglect, School Injuries, Damages and Compensation, and other topics. The book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble.Com, and the Apple iBookstore. The book is also available for free at The ABCs of Child Injury. Another book is also availalbe for parents looking for information when a child is injured at a day care center. This book – Florida Day Care Center Injuries – Building Blocks of Knoweldge has chapters on the Elements of a Day Care Case, Playground Regulations, and other topics. Get a free copy of this book at Florida Day Care Center Injuries.

A disturbing news story was recently reported involving the abuse, neglect, and exploitation of a 12 year old girl. The Pinellas County Sheriff reported that a day care worker and school volunteer paid the girl $100.00 to pose for photographs while gagged and bound. The 29 year old man was charged with the crime of sexual performance by a child. The incidents took place in a home on three separate occasions. See Child Care Worker Charged with Crime in Pinellas County, Florida.

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