Child Abuse Allegations Made Against Employee at Crawfordville Elementary School for Injuries Caused by Paddling


In Florida, some school districts still allow paddling. Personally, I do not support the use of paddling in the school system as I believe it is a short sighted and often times misused means of discipline. In Wakulla County, Florida, the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office is investigating allegations of child abuse against an employee of the Crawfordville Elementary School. The parent of an 11 year old child reported the abuse to officials. The parent thought that the paddling was excessive. Corporal punishment, while allowed, can also be a crime if it results in physical injuries as defined by Section 39.01, Florida. You can read more about this statute and my commentary at Corporal Punishment In Florida – What Is Considered Excessive? Florida Law.

You can read more about this story at Investigation as to Excessive Paddling to 11 Year Old at Crawfordville Elementary School.