Chiefland Man (Robert Wayne Thomas) Arrested for Sex Crimes Against Children


In Florida and other States, parents and children should be very weary about men or women for that matter who throw parties and serve alcohol to children. Odds are, these adults are up to no good. In Chiefland, Florida, Robert Wayne Thomas was arrested on two counts of lewd and lascivious conduct on a minor. Levy County Investigators are conducting further interviews to determine if Mr. Thomas committed any other crimes. Mr. Thomas threw parties for minors, served them alcohol, and had the children play games. He would even have the children in his bed. Mr. Thomas took a particular liking to one girl who was only 13 years old. Mr. Thomas expressed a desire to marry this child. The acts of Mr. Thomas were discovered when he kept in contact with the 13 year old target of his affections. He reportedly called her and sent her text messages on a daily basis.

Anyone with information about the case or who suspects their child may have also been a victim is asked to call the Levy County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office at 352-486-5111.

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