Charlton County, Georgia Died in Tropical Storm Filled Pond


Tropical Storm Fay claimed the lives of many including Issac Kiser, a 2 year old boy from Charlton County. The family was without power and the Grandfather went to refuel the generator. The Grandfather did not know that Issac was following him. When the Grandfather returned to the house, the family noticed that Issac was missing. Issac was found in a pond near the house that was dried up prior to Tropical Storm Fay. Issac was transported to Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. The family has set up a memorial fund at the Southeastern Bank in Folkson, Georgia called the Issac Kiser Memorial Fund. Swimming pools, lakes, ponds, canals, and even oversized puddles pose a danger of injury and death to a toddler. To the extent possible, family members and caregivers should do their best to supervise children under their care to avoid injury, tragedy and death.