Central Florida – Illegal Street Racing Turns Deadly for Passengers


In Holly Hill, Florida, street racing caused the untimely and tragic death of three passengers. It was reported NBC WESH 2 News that the illegal street race took place in Holly Hill, Florida. Two cars crashed while participating in a race. While it cannot be said that movies like the Fast and Furious are responsible for such tragedies, movies like these do glorify street racing. Teens, young adults, and even older adults as well do not recognize the dangers of street racing. Plain and simple, street racing is a bad idea. It is illegal. More importantly, many people suffer serious personal injuries and wrongful death as a result of street racing. Those who want a thrill from racing should go to the amusement park and ride Go Karts or play a video game. You can read about this story at Police Report Three Deaths from Street Race in Holly Hill, Florida.