Celebration Florida Mom Creates Identification Tags to Help Lost Children at Theme Parks, Field Trips, and Other Areas


In Florida, children and their families, tour groups, or schools visit theme parks every day. While theme parks are filled with fun, there is also a great danger for children due to the size of the theme parks and the number of people in the theme parks. While parents try to keep an eye on their children, many children get lost in theme parks. It can be quite a stressful and dangerous situation for a child. A mother in Celebration has simple but useful products under the Spot Me ID brand. Jamie Rayko, who once lost her daughter during a trip to a theme park, came up with a product that is ideal with families with safety in mind. Rayko sells Spot Me ID bracelets, lanyards, and washable tattoos. The purpose of the products is to help families find missing children when lost in a theme park, mall, or other areas.

The child wears a lanyard, bracelet, or tattoo that contains a contact number if the child is lost. The identification products come in different designs with animals on them. Spot Me has fun designs that should appeal to children.

I commend Jamie Rayko for marketing and distributing these products. If you are going on a trip to a theme park or anywhere else for that matter, I recommend that you visit the Spot Me ID website to learn more about these products.