Catholic Church Reports Efforts to Shelter Homeless Haitian Children in Florida are Under Way


Deacon Richard Turcotte, chief executive of Catholic Charities announced recently the organization’s plan to bring homeless Haitian children to the US. Since then, he reports that he has been inundated with calls of support. According to the plan, any child considered “at risk,” including orphans, will be eligible to come to the US and be placed with an American family. Each child will be placed on a case-by-case basis. Turcotte cautioned that this will be a measured and temporary measure to help children who have been left homeless or orphaned by the 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti.

What will happen to the children once they are placed in a family will depend on their situation. Some may be placed in foster care, with relatives, or even be adopted by an American family. So far, three sites have been designated in Florida to accommodate the children while they are being placed. The United States government will have to identify these children as officially “at risk” before the program can begin. According to Matthew Chandler, director of Homeland Security, the United States government is currently working on reuniting children with relatives before considering more drastic measures. Read more about the plans to help children orphaned by the Haiti earthquake at Plan to bring children to U.S. gathers steam.