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Kyle Conrad, 21, of Jensen Beach, Florida, died after sustaining fatal personal injuries to his head after falling from a railroad bridge in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Conrad was crossing the bridge with his friend Joe Cundall. The young men were using the bridge as a shortcut when the bridge rose while they were crossing, trapping them in the air. Conrad fell into the river, striking his head; Cundall fell to the ground sustaining personal injuries to his back and ankle. Conrad was taken to Broward General Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead.

The dual-track bridge is 32-years-old and although “No Trespassing” signs are posted on the bridge, access to the bridge is not blocked off. The bridge is controlled remotely and lowered automatically to let trains pass. In 1992, a 24-year-old man was trapped on the bridge when the bridge began to rise in the middle of the night. The 24-year-old was rescued by firefighters and later charged with trespassing. No one has been charged regarding the accident involving Conrad and Cundall. If you would like to read more on this incident please see Two young men cross railroad bridge, one sustains fatal head injuries, the other sustains personal injuries to back and ankle.

railroad%20tracks.jpgIn Florida, families in and near Melbourne are mourning the tragic railroad related deaths of three teens. The tragedy took place near downtown Melbourne. What started out as a normal day at a mall for the teens turned into a terrible and preventable accident. The incident was even witnesses by several people who could only look and shout with horror as the event was unfolding in front of them. It was reported that there was a No Trespassing sign near the area which included a railroad trestle that spanned 200 feet over a creek. Unknown to the teens at the time that they got on the tracks, a train was nearby and pounding down the tracks. Of the four teens on the tracks, only one was able to escape for safety.

It was reported that the teens even ignored the warnings of a local fisherman who was in the area at the time. Railroad tragedies of this nature are far too common. Since there were deaths that resulted from this incident, a full investigation will be conducted which may involve answering or addressing the following questions:

What the the speed of the train prior to and at the time of the incident?


Florida children acquire or are inflicted with traumatic brain injuries from automobile accidents, playground incidents, day care injuries, slips and falls, sports related injuries, and other causes. Some refer to traumatic brain injury (TBI) as a brain injury or head injury. Traumatic brain injury is caused when sudden trauma damages the brain. Traumatic brain injury occurs when the head suddenly and violently hits an object or when an object goes through or pierces the skull and damages the brain tissue. Symptoms for traumatic brain injury can range from mild to moderate to severe. Some victims of traumatic brain injury experience loss of consciousness and others do not. Other symptoms of traumatic brain injury include the follows: headache, light headedness, dizziness blurred vision, tired eyes, ringing in the ears, bad taste in the mouth, mood change, lethargy, change in sleep patterns, memory problems, concentration problems, attention, and thinking and cognitive defects.

Some children who sustain a traumatic brain injury are affected for life. Since the brain is very fragile, treatment for traumatic brain injury can be quite limited. It is important to get evaluation and treatment for traumatic brain injury by professionals including but not limited to neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychologists, psychiatrists, and / or neuro-pscychologists. The National Institute of Health has some good resources and information for traumatic brain injury at Traumatic Brain Injury – Hope Through Research.

A Clay County Florida teen, Wesley Whiddon, 17, died as a result of injuries sustained after being hit by a train.


Wesley and friends were fishing on a bridge on private property over Black Creek when a train approached the area. Two friends were able to avoid the train. Wesley did not. Although Wesley was a star football player – he was not match with the train. Investigation is under way regarding this incident. Mary Maraghy, a Jacksonville Times Union reporter, wrote that the No Trespassing Signs were posted in the area. You can read more about this incident at Freight Train Kills Fleming Island Florida Youth. Child deaths like this one are especially tough for the family, friends, and community. Wesley was well liked and had a bright future ahead of him. The tragedy ended a life on unfulfilled potential.

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