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In Ohio and other states, police detectives must be prepared for the unusual. Interviewing a witness can reveal unexpected details and information regarding a criminal investigation. In Warren, Ohio, a police detective was interviewing a witness who had a squirrel pop out of her cleavage. Yes, you read this correctly – a squirrel popped out of her cleavage. Read this month’s newsletter – Legal Briefs by David Wolf to see the video and my brilliant legal analysis of squirrel in the cleavage matters that arise in personal injury cases.


In studying history, we all learn about the “shot heard around the world” which actually is a line from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Concord Hymm written in 1837. The term has been used to describe the start of the American Revolutionary War as well as the beginning of World War I. Recently, there wasn’t another shot heard around the world but there was a “fart” heard or written about across the nation. The “fart” at issue involved a 15 year old student in Polk County, Florida who was banned from riding the school bus for a few days due to farting. You can read about the fart heard around the nation and the banning of the student from the bus in my legal brief’s newsletter at Florida Teen Banned from School Bus for Farting and Causing Disruption.

If you have a legal question or believe that you have suffered injuries as a result of something more than the smell of passing gas, please contact a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer for advice, consultation, and representation.


Child predators are online and in our neighborhoods. It is often times hard to identify these child predators and sexual offenders. Many get away with their deviant acts for years. Fortunately, the law and time catches up with some of these offenders who then must serve prison time and register as sex offender / child predators. In Macomb County, Michigan, Stephen Ray Keller put a hidden camera in his neighbor’s house so he could watch a 10 year old girl in the bathroom. You can read more about this story which does end with Keller’s arrest in this month’s newsletter at Parents: Beware of Creepy Neighbors and Others.

It is hard to keep every single person out of your house to completely prevent incidents like this; however, it is important to observe and be alert to anyone entering your home who you do not know very well. Mr. Keller is not only heading to prison but he will also get prominent placement on the sex offender / sex predator list. Keep creeps and hidden cameras out of your house to the best of your ability.


Social networking and dating web sites have brought meeting people, dating, and, yes, adultery into the current modern era. While the technology along with the computers, i phones, Black Berry devices, and Google Phones are new, the problems that go along with meeting people, dating, and adultery are the same old problems. Read this month’s Legal Briefs Newsletter – Adultery in Florida – Lessons Learned from Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. You will see how a My Space post resulted in domestic violence and an arrest right here in Atlantic Beach (Jacksonville), Florida. You can also read all about my commentary regarding Glenn Close (Alex Forrest) in Fatal Attraction. For anyone about the embark upon the dark and lonely trail of adultery, Fatal Attraction is a must watch film. What does a boiling bunny and an extramarital affair have to do with each other? Read my Legal Briefs Newsletter to find out.


What do you get when you mix a violent angry ex girlfriend and a wedding? Trouble, danger, and injuries. You can read all about these less than serene wedding day by clicking through to read the Legal Briefs by David Wolf Newsletter.

In this month’s newsletter, you can also read about my list of items NOT to bring to a wedding. If you have any other suggestions for what NOT to bring to a wedding, I would be interested in hearing from you.

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In law school, the typical law student will be taught legal research, writing, and the basic elements of criminal and civil law. Is it a true real to life education? Well, the Jerry Springer Show certainly could fill in the gap on bringing law to life. Read this month’s newsletter – The Jerry Springer Law School and see if there is a good argument for Jerry Springer to open up a law school.

There is no need to fear. I went to a real law school – the University of Florida College of Law. Of course, it would have been more fun and easier to attend The Jerry Springer Law School.

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