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State Representative Audrey Gibson is urging residents in Jacksonville, Florida and elsewhere to get rid of unsafe space heaters in their homes. Over the years, many lives have been lost in fires caused by unsafe space heaters. A federally funded program through the Northeast Florida Community Action Agency can help many North Florida residents properly weatherize their homes and get rid of unsafe space heaters. For more information – read the Florida Times Union Website article – Getting Rid of Dangerous Space Heaters.


Jamie Garr was visiting her grandmother for the holidays recently, when the woman’s house caught on fire. Jamie was outside the house riding her bicycle when she noticed the fire, according to neighbors. Jamie reportedly ran into the house and called 911, then attempted to save her great-aunt, Corrine Allen, who lived in the home, from the fire. Neither made it out of the house. A friend of Ms. Allen’s reported that she was suffering from dementia. Jamie’s grandmother was Ms. Allen’s caretaker, and was not home when the fire started.

Investigators believe that the fire was caused by something placed on top of a heater; the heater was between the front door and the bedroom where Jamie and Ms. Allen’s bodies were found. The fire apparently pinned them into the bedroom and prevented them from leaving the house. It is not clear why the two did not try to escape through the window. Neighbors who attempted to get into the house through the front door were unable to make it past the burglar bars.

Fires can break out and become deadly very quickly. Children and adults should be aware of what to do in a fire, and should talk about escape routes and proper fire safety on a regular basis. You can find out more about this tragic fire that claimed the lives of two people at Jacksonville 12-year-old died trying to save great-aunt.

aircraft%20red%20helicopter.jpg The Florida Times Union reported that a baby recently suffered personal injuries from a space heater fire. Jaxson Spencer Willis was in a stroller that was ignited from kerosene from a space heater. He suffered burns to his legs, arms, back of his head, and his face. Jaxson was initially treated at Shands Jacksonville and then he was airlifted to Shands Gainesville for further treatment. If there is an investigation by the Jacksonville Fire Department and / or the State of Florida Fire Marshal, it will be interesting to know additional details about this incident including the following:

What was the make, model and year of the space heater?

Were there any defects in the space heater?


In Miami, Florida, Michael Brewer, age 15, is currently a patient at the University of Miami / Jackson Memorial Hospital Burn Center. Michael was the unfortunate victim of a crime committed by other teenagers. It was reported that Michael was covered with rubbing alcohol and then set afire by teens who thought that Michael was a “snitch” for reporting that another boy had stolen a bicycle. It was estimated that Michael suffered injuries from second / third degree burns to over 60 % of his body. He needs a ventilator to breathe and a special mattress and care to deal with these serious personal injuries.

This senseless criminal act of setting this child on fire will be dealt with through the Broward County Florida criminal justice system. The teens, who committed this crime, should be sentenced and serve time commensurate with the horrible nature and cowardice actions associated with the crime. You can read more about this story at Florida Teen Struggles with Major Burn Injuries from Criminal Acts of Other Teens.


In Hudson, Florida, a 10 year old boy recently suffered serious personal injuries while playing with friends. It was reported by the Associated Press that the boy and friends were pretending to use a wand to cast magical spells in a make believe game. The combination of gasoline, bug spray, and a match led to the boy catching on fire. The boy’s mother heard screaming and was able to put out the fire. Thereafter, 911 was called and paramedics responded to the home. The boy was later taken to a Tampa hospital via helicopter.

Children lack good judgment when it comes to flammable products and matches / lighters / fire. What starts as a fun game for a child can lead to serious personal injures including severe burns.

Parents, to the best of their ability, should keep flammable items away from the reach of children. Of course, a 10 year old child can be quite skillful in getting to items that he should not touch. It is probably the safest to store flammable liquids and poisons in a locked cabinet or area.


In Bay County, Florida, a baby suffered serious personal injuries / burns as a result of a Meth Lab fire in her home. Chemicals that make up Meth are highly flammable. The 1 year old baby suffered burns to half of her body. The mother (Tessa Wagy) and the father (John Franklin Osborn) were arrested. Bay County Sheriff commented that the parents made choices. The innocent child victim had choices made for her. It is obvious that the child was put in a dangerous situation and home environment and greatly suffered as a result of poor and selfish choices by these parents. You can read more about this story at Bay County, Florida Baby Suffers Burns in Meth Lab Fire. The baby was taken to Joseph M. Still Burn Unit in Georgia.