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In Jacksonville, Florida and cities throughout the country, child predators are unfortunately targeting teenagers and children for sex. Many people would be surprised by the identify and occupation of those who try to take advantage of children. In Jacksonville, Florida, a navy sailor was recently sentenced to a 10 year prison term. According to the FBI Website, Robert William Goodwin was convicted of crimes involving the use of the Internet / chat room to entice a child for sex. At the time of the commission of these crimes, Goodwin was not aware that he was actually chatting online with an undercover investigator with the Florida Attorney General – Child Predator Cyber Unit. When Goodwin arranged for a meeting, he was then arrested for these crimes. You can read more details about this case at Navy Sailor Sentenced to Prison – Used Chat Room to Entice a Minor for Sex.


Fort White man pleads guilty to receiving child porn over the Internet. According to a story posted at the Gainesville Sun website, Kenneth Mathew Tanzosh (age 37) downloaded video to his computer involving pornographic videos of children. Mr. Tanzosh and his computer were tracked by law enforcement authorities through an investigation that began with an investigation by German authorities. Through the investigation, United States agents later raided Tanzosh’s home for the computer.

Unfortunately, children continue to be exploited sexually because there is a market out there for pornographic images and videos. People who download the images are guilty of crimes, in part, because these actions help support or promote this industry. You can read more about this story at Fort White Man Pleads Guilty to Child Pornography Possession Charges.

Intrernet.jpgLast June, law enforcement officers in Polk County Florida arrested 45 men for downloading child pornography from the internet. The rise in arrests was not attributed to the county having a higher than usual child pornographer rate, but rather to the efforts of the Polk County, Florida Sheriff, Grady Judd as well as investigators, detectives, and deputy sherrif officers. Those arrested included a retired teacher, a Sea World employee and 3 Florida high school students.

According to law enforcement officials and child welfare workers, child pornography has become so commonplace on the internet that police departments all over the country could literally spend every day tracking down and arresting offenders. And the internet actually makes it easier to track these criminals down, as they leave an electronic trail of their activities. The fact that Sheriff Judd is willing to expend more time and resources than other agencies has resulted in 176 arrests in the county since 2006.

While exemplary police officers / detectives / sheriffs like Judd are a credit to their profession, the alarming fact is that child pornography has exploded as internet use has made it easier to distribute and buy pornography. Many law enforcement agencies do not put child pornography crimes at center stage the way Judd does, meaning that the vast majority go undiscovered and unpunished. The fact is that if these agencies simply devoted a few more man hours per week to stopping child pornographers using the internet, they could take significantly more of these offenders off the street.

handcuffs%20on%20white%20background.jpgThe Internet is being used by child predators and sex offenders throughout the United States. One common technique used by child predators is to befriend children online, gain their trust, and then make arrangements to meet the children for sex. Some predators even go as far as to make bus or flight arrangements to travel over State lines to meet up with children for sex.

A Florida man was recently arrested for having sex with a 15 year old Ohio girl. As reported in the Florida Times Union, Nicholas W. Neff, Jr. from Jacksonville, Florida was arrested after police in Cincinnati, Ohio received a tip about the conduct of Mr. Neff and the 15 year old girl in Lincoln Heights. For months prior to the criminal sexual contact / conduct, Mr. Neff had been talking or communicating over the Internet with the girl.

Mr. Neff will be entitled to be represented by a criminal defense attorney. In many jurisdictions, the knowledge of the child’s true age is not a defense. Initially, Mr. Neff stated to police that he thought that she was 19 years old but Mr. Neff later admitted to knowing the girl’s age prior to a sexual encounter with the girl.


A Jacksonville (Duval County), Florida school employee has been arrested for possession of child pornography. Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum and the Duval County School Board reported that John Watson, age 61, was arrested as part of an investigation called “Operation Fairplay”. Watson was a ROTC Instructor at Ribbault High School in Jacksonville, Florida. The investigation was conducted through a coordinated effort by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Florida Attorney General’s Cybercrime Unit. Watson’s computer was seized as part of the arrest and investigation. It was reported that Watson had photographs / images of 12 to 14 year old girls on his computer.

You can read more about this story at Jacksonville Florida ROTC Instructor Arrested for Child Pornography.


Reverend Darrell Gilyard was employed by the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church. This church is being sued by a woman who said that Reverend Gilyard used his position of trust to have sex with her. Safeco Insurance provided a liability insurance policy for the church for negligent acts of the church administration and its employees. A lawsuit was filed for negligent hiring and supervision of Reverend Gilyard by church officials. Safeco is attempting to limit the amount it will be responsible to pay under the policy. Safeco is claiming that the church failed to disclose prior issues and misconduct of Revered Gilyard when the church completed its insurance application and disclosure.

You can read more about this story at Liability Insurance Company Claims that Insurance Coverage Is Limited for Lack of Disclosure of Jacksonville, Florida Pastor’s Prior Claims and Sexual Misconduct.

technology%20keyboard%20close%20up%20grey%20slim%20keys.jpgTechnology and pranks can lead to serious criminal charges that can follow a person for many years or even a life time. Phillip Albert learned this lesson well when he was 18 years old. Phillip got in an argument with a former girlfriend who supposedly taunted Phillip. As revenge, Phillip sent an e mail with nude photographs of the 16 year old former girlfriend to 70 people including the girl’s parents, grandparents, and teachers. Because of these crimes, Phillip had to register as a sex offender and is serving a 5 year term of probation. The sex offender label will apply to Phillip until at least the age of of 43. As such, Phillip will be tagged as a sex offender for the next 20 years or so. The ramifications of this label and these crimes are quite widespread for Phillip. He will be prevented from getting certain jobs especially those involving the supervision or teaching of children in many institutions. It probably will affect his personal life as well. He has been given a label that he will have to deal with and explain to others well into the future.

A lesson or two can be learned from the Phillip Albert incident:

1. Avoid getting any of nude or compromising photos taken by boyfriends, girlfriends or anyone else. Someone you love and trust today can easy turn into someone you hate and distrust in the future.

gavel%20brown.jpgIn Jacksonville, Florida, a federal criminal trial began recently against a man accused of bringing teen girls across State lines (Virginia to Florida) for acts of prostitution.

Marvin Leigh Madkins, age 29, is accused of transporting the teens to Jacksonville, Florida hotels for purposes of prostituting the teens to men who answered ads on the Internet. Mr. Madkins actually used the popular web site Craigs List to commit these crimes. During the time that Madkins was exploiting the teens, their parents in Virginia were searching for their children and begging for clues as to the whereabouts of the children.

Apparently, Madkins lured the teens to take a trip to Florida with him for a supposed drug deal and fancy vacation. Madkins concocted this business deal with only one thought in mind – his best interests and the exploitation and prostitution of these young girls.


The Internet has become an integral part of our lives. I grew up in an era where computers were emerging as a tool and toy but it clearly was not so pervasive as it is now. Children have access to computer as home, school, and elsewhere. As parents and caregivers, it is important to know what our children are doing online. The computer and Internet have become new playgrounds for not only children but also for child predators and sex offenders. Often times, children become victims or pawns in a dangerous game controlled by child predators and sex offenders. In light of the dangers out there, parents should take a proactive role in knowing what their children are doing online and keep close tabs on their children. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a very useful guide posted to its website called A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety. Parents should read this guide and other information out there to better educate themselves on Internet safety and their children. Knowledge and action on the part of parents can go a long way to protecting children from the dangers of the Internet.

Irfan Nawaz, M.D. is trading his white doctor coat for prison stripes. Nawaz was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his cyber crimes and actions in attempting to have sex with a minor. The investigation was completed by the Polk County Sheriff”s Office, the Osceola Sheriff’s Office, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, and the State of Florida Attorney General Cyber Crime Unit. Nawaz had chats on line with “girls” he thought were 14 and 15 years old. Undercover investigators with the Attorney General’s Cyber Crime Unit received sexually explicit messages from Nawaz who arranged for a meeting with one of the “girls”. Nawaz initiated the chats with the undercover offices and made it very clear what he wanted from the children. Nawaz is now going to have up to 20 years in prison to think about his actions. When he is released, Nawaz must register as a sex offender. This story shows that child predators range from the rich to the poor, from the educated to the not so educated, and from all walks of life. You can read more about this story at Doctor Gets 20 Year Prison Sentence for Traveling to Meet a Minor for Sex.