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HotWater.jpgA twenty seven year old mother accidentally scalded her five month old son with hot bath water. Apparently, the woman was drawing a bath for the child when she saw a spider in the bathtub; when she attempted to wash the spider down the drain, it jumped out of the tub and onto the child’s arm. She then tried to rinse the spider off of the child by putting the child directly under the running water, not realizing that the water was too hot. The child was brought to the local fire station, where he was found to have second degree burns on his body.

Investigators have determined that the incident was an accident. Other family members at the home told investigators that they were not aware that the hot water heater was set so high. A Pasco County, Florida sheriff’s deputy watched the child’s grandfather turn the heat down. The child has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home with his family.

This unfortunate accident drives home the point that parents need to be vigilant to protect their children at all times. Read more about this unfortunate accident at Mother Trying To Kill Spider Scalds Baby.

fire%20rescue%20red%20paramedic%20vehicle.jpgIn Jacksonville, Florida, the family of Spencer Wills and the community are mourning his death. Spencer was the unfortunate victim of a burn injuries he sustained when kerosene from a space heater ignited his stroller. The incident took place in November 2009 and Spencer just recently died from these injuries.

Space heaters can be quite dangerous and, at times, can lead to serious personal injuries and the deaths of children as well as adults. Five siblings and Spencer’s father, George Wills, survived the fire. Fire officials reported that Mr. Wills’s quick thinking saved the family.

Products like Space Heaters should be designed and distributed with reasonable safety devices to prevent tragedies like these from taking place. In addition, suitable and understandable directions and warnings should be packaged with products that can and are known to cause fires.


Three masked men with guns broke into a Palm Bay home where five children, ranging in age from ten months to fifteen years old, were waiting for their mother to return home from the hospital with another of her children who needed stitches for an unrelated injury. The mother returned from the hospital and walked in on the gunmen shortly after they had broken in to the home and forced the children to lie down on the living room floor. After the mother arrived home, they threatened the ten month old baby with a gun, choked the eleven year old, threatened the family dog, demanded money, stole all the Christmas presents, and finally poured boiling oil on the mother and her fifteen year old daughter. The young girl is still in the hospital with third degree burns from the oil.

Police believe that the armed intruders may be acquaintances of one of the children’s uncles. The investigation is still under way. This horrific intrusion and torture is very hard to read about. You can read more about this crime and the investigation at Mom, Children Tortured In Palm Bay Home.


Jamie Garr was visiting her grandmother for the holidays recently, when the woman’s house caught on fire. Jamie was outside the house riding her bicycle when she noticed the fire, according to neighbors. Jamie reportedly ran into the house and called 911, then attempted to save her great-aunt, Corrine Allen, who lived in the home, from the fire. Neither made it out of the house. A friend of Ms. Allen’s reported that she was suffering from dementia. Jamie’s grandmother was Ms. Allen’s caretaker, and was not home when the fire started.

Investigators believe that the fire was caused by something placed on top of a heater; the heater was between the front door and the bedroom where Jamie and Ms. Allen’s bodies were found. The fire apparently pinned them into the bedroom and prevented them from leaving the house. It is not clear why the two did not try to escape through the window. Neighbors who attempted to get into the house through the front door were unable to make it past the burglar bars.

Fires can break out and become deadly very quickly. Children and adults should be aware of what to do in a fire, and should talk about escape routes and proper fire safety on a regular basis. You can find out more about this tragic fire that claimed the lives of two people at Jacksonville 12-year-old died trying to save great-aunt.

aircraft%20red%20helicopter.jpg The Florida Times Union reported that a baby recently suffered personal injuries from a space heater fire. Jaxson Spencer Willis was in a stroller that was ignited from kerosene from a space heater. He suffered burns to his legs, arms, back of his head, and his face. Jaxson was initially treated at Shands Jacksonville and then he was airlifted to Shands Gainesville for further treatment. If there is an investigation by the Jacksonville Fire Department and / or the State of Florida Fire Marshal, it will be interesting to know additional details about this incident including the following:

What was the make, model and year of the space heater?

Were there any defects in the space heater?


In Miami, Florida, Michael Brewer, age 15, is currently a patient at the University of Miami / Jackson Memorial Hospital Burn Center. Michael was the unfortunate victim of a crime committed by other teenagers. It was reported that Michael was covered with rubbing alcohol and then set afire by teens who thought that Michael was a “snitch” for reporting that another boy had stolen a bicycle. It was estimated that Michael suffered injuries from second / third degree burns to over 60 % of his body. He needs a ventilator to breathe and a special mattress and care to deal with these serious personal injuries.

This senseless criminal act of setting this child on fire will be dealt with through the Broward County Florida criminal justice system. The teens, who committed this crime, should be sentenced and serve time commensurate with the horrible nature and cowardice actions associated with the crime. You can read more about this story at Florida Teen Struggles with Major Burn Injuries from Criminal Acts of Other Teens.


In Bay County, Florida, a baby suffered serious personal injuries / burns as a result of a Meth Lab fire in her home. Chemicals that make up Meth are highly flammable. The 1 year old baby suffered burns to half of her body. The mother (Tessa Wagy) and the father (John Franklin Osborn) were arrested. Bay County Sheriff commented that the parents made choices. The innocent child victim had choices made for her. It is obvious that the child was put in a dangerous situation and home environment and greatly suffered as a result of poor and selfish choices by these parents. You can read more about this story at Bay County, Florida Baby Suffers Burns in Meth Lab Fire. The baby was taken to Joseph M. Still Burn Unit in Georgia.


Teenagers often lack good judgment. In Deltona, Florida, Russell Gortzig, age 13, suffered second degree burns to his leg after a friend poured gasoline on Russell’s leg. It was reported in the Daytona Beach News Journal that Russell set the fire to impress a girl and to try to imitate a stunt shown in an online video. Originally shown on MTV, Jackass followed some actors, skateboarders, stunt men, and basically crazy people doing stunts like this. Some of the people shown in the Jackass television shows and movies were injured. Jackass, while entertaining to some, is not the example to follow for teenagers. As shown in the case of Russell Gortzig, a child can be seriously injured in an attempt to complete a stunt. You can read about the injuries to Russell Gortzig at Teen Burned After Friend Pours Gasoline on his Leg in Volusia County, Florida.

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