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Fireworks%20Safety.jpgHappy Fourth of July. Well, for most of us, it will be. It is a time to spend with family and friends to celebrate this wonderful Nation we call home. Unfortunately, the Fourth of July and time period around are often marked with an increased number of child injuries due to fireworks. Many such injuries can be prevented with the implemention of safety precautions in and around fireworks. Some child safety experts state that the best way to avoid injury from fireworks is the leave the fireworks show to the experts. In other words, attend an event in which the fireworks are ignited by professionals in a controlled setting. Unfortunately, even at these events, fireworks, at times, do not go off as planned and end up hurting members of the audience.

For those igniting fireworks at home or attending a block party or neighbor’s house with such fireworks, the Consumer Product Safety Commission as well as other organizations have tips to prevent fireworks related injuries to children including but not limited to the following:

1. Make sure that fireworks are legal in your community and county;

education%20school%20day%20care%20building%20block%20y.jpgIn Jacksonville, Florida and other communities, parents reply on day care centers to provide a safe educational environment for their children. Unfortunately, at times, children are injured at day care centers. Some personal injuries result from negligence while others incidents are unforeseeable and (from a practical standpoint) unpreventable. When a child is injured at a Florida Day Care Center, the owners and operators of the day care center are not automatically liable or responsible when a child is injured at a day care center. Like other types of personal injury cases, the following elements must be proved:

1. Duty;

2. Breach of Duty;


In Florida and other States, parents rely on day care centers to provide for a safe and healthy educational environment for child. At times, children suffer personal injuries at a day care center. Some are preventable and avoidable while others are just unexpected and bizarre incident that reasonable precautions may not have prevented. Some injury types are very suspect and typically do result from improper maintenance or negligent supervision at the day care center. When a child is burned at a day care center, an investigation should be completed to determine the cause of the burn personal injuries and the preventability of the same. If there is a kitchen or microwave at a day care center, children should be kept at a safe distance from any hot burners, plates, food products, and other items that may cause burn type injuries to a child. During spring and summer months, playground equipment and sidewalks by themselves can cause personal injuries / burns to a child.

A recent incident was reported at a Jacksonville day care center. It was reported by the First Coast News and other news outlets that a child suffered burn injuries at a local day care center. The incident was reported to the Florida Department of Children and Families. See Burn Injuries Reported at Jacksonville Florida Day Care Center.

When a child is injured at a day care center, there are often many questions and challenges faced by the parents doing their best to deal with the situation and help their child. The book titled – The ABCs of Child Injury – Legal Rights of the Injured Child – What Every Parent Should Know – has chapters on Day Care Center Injuries, Medical Treatment and Bills, and other topics. You can get this book for free at The ABCs of Child Injury. Another good resource for parent is the book – Florida Day Care Center Injuries – Legal Rights of the Injured Child – Building Blocks of Knowledge for Parents. This book has chapters on Indoor Facilities, Outdoor Facilities, Emergency Procedures, Records Keeping, Staffing and Supervision, and other topics. You can get this book for free at Florida Day Care Center Injuries.

Fire%20Rescue%20Paramedic%20Red%20Emergency%20Vehicle.jpgIn Florida during the few cold spells here, heat lamps and other devices are used to keep people and animals warm. A deadly fire was recently reported in Middleburg, Florida. The fire claimed the life of a grandfather and his 4 year old grandson. A teenage girl was able to escape the fire.

The Florida State Fire Marshal will conduct a full investigation as to the cause, origin, and preventability of this fire. According to initial news report, it is suspected that the fire may have been started by a heat lamp that was being used to keep a baby goat warm on the back porch.

In some fire / burn cases, a Florida Child Injury Lawyer can assist a family member with the issues that arise concerning homeowner’s insurance, property damage, medical bills, and other issues. The book titled – The ABCs of Child Injury – Legal Rights of the Injured Child – What Every Parent Should Know has chapters on Homeowner’s Insurance, Medical Bills / Medical Treatment, Damages / Compensation, and other issues. You can obtain a free book at The ABCs of Child Injury.


A six year old child suffered 2nd degree burns in a fire that broke out in a Deltona, Florida duplex on Tuesday morning. The Fire Department stated that the fire engulfed the entire duplelx. Seven people were rescued from the burning house, however the six year old boy suffered severe burns to his back, shoulder, head, and ears. The boy was airlifted to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, home fires caused about 85% of all fire related deaths in 2010. Education is key to preventing fire related deaths. Have your family practice fire evacuation from your home. Teach your children about basic fire safety. Discuss with your children what to do if they smell smoke. Check your batteries in all smoke detectors and change batteries twice a year. Make sure all family members know how the smoke detector alarm sounds. Make sure your home has a working fire extinguisher. For more information see, 6 Year Old Suffers Personal Injuries in Duplex Fire in Deltona Florida.

firework.jpgAccording to officials in Dania Beach, Florida, an eight-year-old girl was taken to the hospital for firework-related injuries. She was watching fireworks in a backyard, and when the fireworks went off she was struck in the back of her head by a piece of concrete. Authorities said that someone had tried to use a cinder block to stabilize the firework. The child was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital for treatment and is expected to recover.

During the month of July, typically around Independence Day, children are more likely to become victims of firework-related injuries. Injuries from fireworks are most likely to affect the hands, eyes, and the head, face, and ear; children 14-years or younger are the most prone to these types of injuries. Firecrackers, sparklers, and rockets accounted for most of the injuries reported in the emergency departments, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The best way to protect your family from firework-related injuries is to not set off fireworks at home in the first place. Attend public displays and leave the lighting to experienced professionals. However, if you do choose to set off fireworks at home, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:

smoke%20detector.jpgBelow is a summary of the leading cause of fatal personal injuries in children ranging in age from less than one-year-old to 19-years-old:

– From 2000-2006, the leading cause of death for children were personal injuries due to transportation. Although a substantial amount of deaths involved pedestrian or bicyclist accidents, the highest rates were among occupants of motor vehicles in traffic.

– For children less than one-year-old, 2/3 of death caused by personal injuries were due to suffocation.


For many, July 4th is a fun day filled with swimming, BBQs, baseball games, and, yes fireworks. There are many forms of fireworks. Some fireworks are big shows run by cities and Disney World. While other firework displays are much smaller in size and reach, some people including children play with Sparklers. Compared with the big bang and lights of some fireworks, Sparklers seem like harmless fun; however, looks and power can be quite deceiving when considering Sparklers. Emergency room doctors and other health care providers know the consequences, dangers and harm caused by Sparklers. The Salt Lake Tribute reported that Sparklers burn a a temperature in excess of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Some experts estimate that 1/3 of fireworks related injuries are attributed to Sparklers. You can read more about this story at Sparklers Cause Personal Injury to Children and Others.

It is always best to have adult supervise when there are Sparklers or any other fireworks in use. It is well known that children lack good judgment. This is especially true when children are in awe and distracted by the presence of fireworks and anything that is ignited. Consistent safety precautions and supervision can help prevent serious personal injuries to children from fireworks.


In Clearwater, Florida, a family is thankful for the incessant barking of the family dog – Scooter – a 1 year of Shih Tzu. While the family was sleeping, a car caught on fire. The fire later spread to the attic. Scooter began barking and did not stop. He successfully alerted the family who escaped from the burning house. Fortunately, no one suffered personal injuries in this fire. A family dog can be a great benefit to the family. In this case, Scooter acted as a fire alarm. The story posted by the Associated Press did not report whether the house had a smoke detectors / fire alarm system in place. While dogs are great, a smoker detector / fire alarm system would be a bit more reliable in alerting a family as to a fire. If you do not have smoke detectors in your home, have them installed. If you have smoke detectors in the home, check and replace the batteries frequently. Congratulations Scooter on a job well done! You can read more about this story at Florida Family Escapes Burning Home Thanks to Family Dog – Scooter.

Grenade.jpgLast Fourth of July, Edward Weise Jr. helped his eight year old son, Edward Weise III, hollow out a pineapple grenade from World War II and fill it with firecracker powder. For some reason, they were unable to get the grenade to ignite and a family member put it on a shelf in the living room and forgot about it.

But Edward, now nine years old, did not forget about the grenade, and attempted to light it on his own recently. The child’s mother, Anne-Marie Weise, reported that she saw her son playing with a lighter in the kitchen just moments before the explosion. She told him to put it away. Apparently he did not listen to her, and continued to try to light the grenade. The resulting explosion critically injured the boy, who was flown to Tampa General for surgery.

A concerned neighbor called the Department of Children and Families’ abuse hotline to report the incident. The DCF is now looking into the matter. Deputies who searched the family’s home found marijuana in the bedroom Ms. Weise shares with her boyfriend, Larry Busby. According to the Polk County Florida Sheriff’s office there are charges pending but no one has been arrested. You can find out more details of this February fireworks accident at Injured Boy’s Father Helped Him Fill Grenade With Firecracker Powder.