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The City of Jacksonville, Florida (Duval County) has unfortunately made the list of the top three cities in Florida for deadly automobile accidents involving teens. The other top cities in Florida, according to an Allstate Insurance Company study, were Tampa and Orlando. Driving distraction in the form of text messaging, e mails, web surfing, and talking on mobile phones is a major problem in these cities and others throughout Florida. Teens these days seemed to be tethered to their phones. This is fine when the teen is a passenger in the vehicle. On the other hand, acts like text messaging while driving can lead to automobile accidents involving serious personal injuries and, yes, the wrongful and untimely death of teens and others on Florida roads. You can read more about this recent study and dangers of distracted driving at Florida Teens: Distracted Driving Can Turn Deadly.

vehicle%20car%20keys%20alarm%20black.jpgA deadly crash took place on Batram Park Boulevard on July 27 in Jacksonville, Florida. As I was driving into work this morning, I was driving on this very roadway when I came across an unmarked police SUV and an marked police vehicle. These vehicles were blocking traffic through Batram Park Boulevard. I suspected that there was an automobile accident / trucking accident or some kind of criminal chase in the area. I later heard and read about this tragic accident. The pick up truck had 3 teens in the back of the pick up truck when the driver lost control and the truck flipped. One teen died and another was seriously injured

A pickup truck loaded with six youths crashed after the driver apparently lost control early this morning causing the truck to flip. The accident killed one passenger and left another in critical condition, Jacksonville police said.

Miranda J. Zant (age 16) died at the scene of the crash when the pick up truck rolled over her according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

safety-sign-bike-boy.jpgMany child injuries and deaths resulting from automobile accidents involving bicyclist and child pedestrians can be avoided. Drivers in residential neighborhoods, school zones, and any other areas with children should proceed with due care and caution. Children do not always have the best of judgment or the best sense of danger when playing sports / games or when biking. Parental supervision is vital to the safety of children. It is also helpful to have safety signage in place to alert and / or remind drivers that there are children in the area. Safety Animated, Inc. is a great company based in Tampa, Florida. The mission of the company is to promote the safety of children. Safety Animated sells safety signage as a visual reminder to drivers to slow down, be on the look out, and exercise the utmost caution because children in the area.

Parents, day care centers, schools, and recreational facilities should truly consider this product. The signage can certainly help prevent or at least reduce the number of personal injuries resulting from driveway and roadway injuries caused by driver inattention, driver distraction, and /or a child’s negligence. As every one knows, children can be careless at times and run into a road way. If drivers are proceeding at a slower speed with due caution, it will be easier to stop and avoid a tragedy.

By the way, I am not a paid spokesman or commission sales person for this company. I merely read about the company online and reviewed the product. Helping protect children from harm’s way is one of my missions.


In Jacksonville, Florida and other Florida cities, there are rear end crashes / collisions every day. In these automobile accidents, the police officer will typically issue the traffic citation to the driver who rear ended the other driver. Pursuant to Section 316.0895, Florida Statutes – Following Too Closely, Florida law mandates that the driver of a motor vehicle shall not follow too closely to another motor vehicle than is reasonable and prudent. If there is a crash, the police officer and judge for that matter will presume that the driver who rear ended the other driver is at fault unless there is some compelling reasons to make a different conclusion. It is important for a driver to maintain a safe distance so that the driver can bring his or her vehicle to a stop in case traffic ahead stops or slows for traffic or other road conditions.

Inattentive and careless drivers cause rear end accidents that result in serious personal injuries and related medical bills and lost wages for victims of these accidents. Driving slower at a safe distance could have avoided many of these accidents. When a person is faced with serious personal injuries and related bills, it is helpful to have the advice, counsel, and representation of a Florida personal injury lawyer to help you with these legal matters.

516694_black_and_white.jpgA Maplewood Elementary School teacher (Marion County) drowned after the teacher and her family were driven off the road by an unidentified driver. The second grade teacher – Carrie Hammer – of Ocklawaha, Florida was trying to get equipment from the vehicle that was in the pond for her son who has cerebral palsy. Her son was having some breathing problems due to being in the water. The equipment was needed to help suction her son. It is apparent from this tragic story that Carrie was a dedicated mother who put family first above all else in her life.

Another vehicle drove into the right of way of her husband, Sean Hammer, who was driving a truck. Mr. Hammer steered the truck off the road and into a pond to avoid a collision.

Carrie Hammer was later pronounced dead at the Munroe Regional Medical Center in Marion County, Florida. The Florida Highway Patrol is seeking assistance to help find the other driver who was in a white pick up truck or SUV. The other driver appears to be the cause of the accident. In addition, the other driver did not stop to render any help to this family who certainly was in need of assistance. Anyone with knowledge of this incident can contact the Florida Highway Patrol at 352-732-1260, ext. 236.


The parent of a Florida child can pursue a claim for pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life on behalf of the child when a child is seriously injured. What about the parents injuries, losses, and damages? Can a parent collect for the loss of companionship of the child when the child is seriously injured but does not die as a result of the injuries. The answer in Florida is “Yes”. The loss of companionship in Florida to a parent of an injured child is called “Filial Consortium”. The logical follow up question is as follows: What period of time can a jury award the loss of Filial Consortium to a parent? The answer is “until the child reaches the age of majority” which is 18 in the State of Florida. This very issue was addressed in a Supreme Court of Florida case. In a case against the Broward County School Board, the Supreme Court determined that the damages to a parent for the loss of Filial Consortium (companionship to the parent from the child) can be awarded for a time period from the injury to the child’s 18th birthday. As such, if a 15 year old was seriously injured but did not die, parents can pursue a claim for themselves for the loss of Filial Consortium from the age of 15 to 18 or roughly 3 years. Florida Wrongful Death cases are subject to different standards and statutes.


Children are exposed to the risks of parking lots everyday in cities from Jacksonville, Florida to Seattle Washington. The risks of parking lots to children involve inattentive drivers and children with poor safety judgment. The safety tips in this blog post and others in my blog can help avoid automobile accidents, bicycle accidents, and trucking accidents that often involve injuries to Florida children.

Children often times see parking lots as just another playgrounds while drivers see parking lots as just another speedway. I recently read about a great safety product called Parking Pal which is a simple but very smart safety product for parents and caregivers of young children. Parking Pal is a bright magnetic decal. You place Parking Pal on the side of your car in a place where the children can stand and touch the Parking Pal. Parking Pal is a device to remind young children about safety and where to stand. It is also a bright sign to others that children may be near and to slow down. Parking Pal was developed by a concerned and inventive parent from Virginia who thought of a way to teach her child about safety and make the lessons stick both figuratively and literally. Use Parking Pal and other safety tips and reminders to keep your children safe in parking lots. In addition, when driving in or through any parking lot, watch out for children and other pedestrians.


Ford is promoting an option on 2010 models that will allow parents to control vehicles using a computer chip in the key. Parents will be allowed to better control speed (down to 80 miles per hour), seat belt usage, and music volume when teens or other drivers are using the vehicle. Hopefully, technology like this will help prevent or reduce automobile accidents and trucking accidents in Jacksonville, Florida and other cities throughout the United States. Taking from experience as a parent and a Florida personal injury lawyer / attorney, I would expect that many parents will take advantage of this technology. Teens will not like the control and will ask the parents to “trust me” and “don’t worry”. GPS technology is already in place at this time. I predict that future models will be available to the general public that will allow parents to monitor teen driving like employees do. There will be a tradeoff between the teen’s privacy concerns and the parents need to know and their concern for the safety of the teen. Like most parents, when my child starts driving, I want to know if the child is driving 100 miles per hour or going to places where the child does not belong is or is not permitted to go to. Unfortunately, it is a scary world out there and parents should be concerned for the safety of their teen children who get behind of the wheel of a vehicle. You can read more about the technology and options being placed into Ford vehicles and probably other automobile manufacturers in the future at Parents may soon hold the key to slowing teen drivers


According to an article in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, pelvic fractures can result from high impact trauma from automobile and other accident trauma. Apparently, children are more likely to injure internal organs in the abdomen as a result of trauma. When dealing with an injured child from an automobile accident, it is important to stay calm and get medical attention as soon as possible. It is vital for medical providers to be on the look out for damages organs and internal bleeding. You can read more at >What To Do for Pelvic Fractures in Children.

A Florida child injury lawyer / attorney typically handles injuries to all parts of the body. At Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A., we have handled numerous child injury cases involving automobile accidents, slips and falls, medical malpractice, playground accident, school accidents, and home / neighborhood accidents.

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Can a grandparent or other relative be sued for negligence when a Florida child is injured? The simple answer to this question is "Yes". Florida does not provide immunity to grandparents and other relatives when a child is injured or dies as a result of the negligence of a grandparent or other relative. I have been involved in cases where a grandparent or other relative was negligence and this, in turn, caused personal injury or death to the child. As a Florida child injury lawyer / attorney, these cases are especially difficult to handle from an emotional, social and legal standpoint. Grandparents and other relatives not only suffer the guilt of causing such an injury but are also exposed to civil liability for the resulting pain, suffering, mental anguish, and economic expenses (medical and funeral bills) associated with the injury or death. I do not believe that immunity should be granted to relatives as all persons involved with the care and supervision of a child should be held to the same standard. The fact that a person is related to the child should not excuse negligent conduct leading to serious personal injury or death of a Florida child.

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