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Motorcycle-and-Bicycle-Safety-150x150Florida is a state with beaches and scenery that people love to bike through. Unfortunately, bicyclists as well as motorcyclists are at risk when a careless driver does not give due respect and distance to motorcycles and bicycles.  It has been reported that over 9,500 motorcyclists were involved in a crash in 2018.  This is a slight increase from the numbers for the calendar year 2017.  Furthermore, it was reported over 7,000 bicyclists were involved in a crash in 2018.  Combined, there were over 16,500 motorcyclists and bicyclists involved in a crash, over 600 of which ended fatally.

The month of May is Motorcycle and Bicycle Safety Month, and motorists are reminded to pay attention and share the road safely. Drivers should avoid following motorcycles and bicycles closely, keep a four-second buffer zone between themselves and a motorcyclist or cyclist. Always utilize caution while on the road, look twice before crossing the street, and do not drive distractedly; keep your eyes on the road and watch for bikers and cyclists. They have the rights and responsibilities as drivers, so drivers must share the road accordingly.

In addition to precautions taken by drivers, bicyclists and motorcyclists can also make strides to act safely. All bicyclists and motorcyclists should wear helmets. Almost 90% of the people involved in a bicycle accident in the last year were not wearing a helmet. Motorcyclists should make an effort to drive defensively and avoid reckless speeding and weaving between lanes. Cyclists should make themselves noticeable with bright clothes and lights, especially while riding at night. They should act predictably in order to minimize surprises for other drivers and think ahead to avoid hazards. Both cyclists and motorcyclists can benefit from referring to the official Florida Driver License Handbook to familiarize themselves with the rules of the road.

Motorcycle / Pedestrian Accident Reported in Suwannee County Florida

In Florida, pedestrians are the unfortunate victims of hit and run accidents. One such incident was reported in Suwannee County Florida. A pedestrian was struck by a motorcyclist on Highway 129 and then fled the scene. The pedestrian suffered personal injuries included a dislocated foot. Thereafter, the motorcyclist fled the scene. The Florida Highway Patrol responded to the scene of this pedestrian accident. See Motorcycle – Pedestrian Collide – Motorcyclist Leaves the Scene of the Florida Accident.

Florida law requires that a driver of any vehicle involved in an Florida accident that results in personal injury or death to stop at the accident scene. This legal duty is set forth in the Florida Statutes under Section 316.027. There are many other traffic rules and regulations in place in Florida. See Florida Traffic Rules, Regulations and Laws – Frequently Asked Questions.

crosswalk.bmpAn 11-year-old girl, Brittany Pollack, suffered personal injuries when she was struck by a motorcycle near Deland, Florida. According to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, the incident occurred on South Shell Road, between S.R. 44 and Old New York Avenue. Florida Highway Patrol Sergeant Kim Montes said that Pollack walked out in front of a motorcycle driven by Thomas Henry, 51.

Pollack was flight lifted by helicopter to Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach as a trauma alert, said Montes. She was later said to be in stable condition. Montes said that no charges have been filed in the incident.

The streets in Florida communities should be a safe place for children to walk. But as illustrated above, many kids face traffic dangers when walking across streets, to school or home from the local park. Drivers, parents and kids can all do their part by following these safety tips to ensure that streets are safe for child pedestrians:


A 93-year-old man died after the motorcycle he was riding crashed into a parked van. The man was identified as Gordon Couchene and the collision occurred in the Barefoot Bay mobile home community. According to police, Couchene was riding a Yamaha motorcycle and was not wearing a helmet. The driver of the van, 37-year-old Lynn Bedus had parked her van at the end of the retirement home community while she was waiting on a school bus to arrive. No charges will be pressed regarding this Florida motorcycle accident and it is still unknown to police why Couchene ran into the van. If you would like to read more about this story please see 93-year-old man’s life is taken in motorcycle accident.

The death of this man is a tragedy for his family and community. Driving automobiles and riding on motorcycles can be very exciting and invigorating, but also very dangerous. One way to prevent sustaining serious personal head injuries or other severe head injuries while driving or riding motorcycles is to wear a helmet. Although Florida law does not require motorcycle drivers to wear a helmet if there is proper insurance for medical bills in place, helmets have been proven to save lives. In addition, avoiding motorcycle rider distraction and driver distraction can help prevent accidents as well.


Serious injuries and deaths to children from driveway accidents are tragedies in every respect. . There are hidden dangers in driveways. Some think that sidewalks are the best place for children, pedestrians, and bicycle riders. In actuality, drivers frequently ignore or do not carefully look for children and others on sidewalks and driveways. When there is a death or serious personal injuries suffered by a child in a driveway or back over accident, it is certainly difficult for the family, extended family, and community to deal with such a tragedy. Unfortunately, driveway or back over accidents continue to be reported across the nation.


The prevalence of texting has skyrocketed shooting from 9.8 billion messages per month in December 2005 to 110.4 billion messages per month in December 2008. Sadly, it is estimated that cell phone usage contributes to approximately 342,000 car accident injuries and causes $43 billion dollars worth of damage every year!

Studies have even indicated that texting while driving is worse than drunk driving! Check out this YouTube video that shows the gut-wrenching consequences of texting while driving (WARNING: this video is graphic, with realistic, but potentially disturbing, reenactments). It is stunning to see how dangerous and how devastating the effects of texting while driving can be.

SUV.jpgAccording to Florida’s dangrous instrumentality doctrine, owners and possessors of inherently dangerous tools are liable for any injuries caused by the operation of those tools. This legal principle was applied to the realm of automobiles in Southern Cotton Oil Co. v. Anderson, 86 So. 629 (Fla. 1920). This means that if you own a car, you can be responsible for injuries caused by that car.

As a result of this watershed case, victims of car accidents occurring due to negligence may look to the vehicle owners for damages, regardless of whether it was the actual owner driving the vehicle or not. Likewise, employers may be pursued for the injurious acts of their employees under the theory of respondeat superior.

In order to be held liable, an owner must have the ability to exert control over his or her vehicle. For that reason, people whose cars are stolen may not be penalized for injuries involving their vehicles depending on the particular facts of the case. Furthermore, if an owner did not give permission to a driver to operate the car, the owner may avoid liability if he files a police report to show that the car was stolen at the time the injury was caused. These distinctions are critical for determining who needs to be brought into litigation via impleader and the bounds of a victim’s potential recovery.


Jacksonville, Florida ranks high in a disturbing category – hit and run accidents. Despite being the 7th most populated city in the State of Florida, Jacksonville, Florida is ranked 3rd according to hit and run statistics. It is not a category or recognition that the City wants to be known for. Unfortunately, many hit and run accidents take place when a driver is under the influence or has no insurance. The simple solution after an accident is to flee the scene rather than take legal or moral responsibility for the resulting damages, personal injuries, and / or possible criminal sanctions. You can read more about this story at Jacksonville, Florida Third in the State for Hit and Run Automobile Accidents.

The U.S. News & World Report released a state-by-state study on America’s Worst Drivers.

Florida ranked 43rd. While Idaho ranked #1, New Jersey bowed out as last year’s worst, making way for New York. GMAC Insurance’s 2009 National Drivers Test tested 5,000 drivers in each state, evaluating their basic knowledge of driving laws. Alarmingly, over 20% of America’s drivers could not pass the written driver’s test. That’s about 41 million drivers from sea to shining sea who don’t know the meaning of a yellow light or how to calculate a safe following distance.

The study shows a direct correlation between increasing age and improved test scores. In other words, there’s a reason why your teenager’s insurance premiums are through the roof.

CarAccident.jpgAutomobile accidents and related injuries continue to be a daily problem in Jacksonville, Florida and other cities and towns. The Department of Motor Vehicles is one agency that reports and keeps track of automobile accidents and related injuries. 2004 statistics were reported that there were 14,116 accidents in 2004. This calculates to 38 accidents every day.

Even after decades of research to design safer vehicles, people frequently are injured in motor vehicle accidents / collisions. To be exact, there were 10,455 traffic accident injuries in 2004. Here’s a summary of Duval County’s crash data:

Alcohol Related Traffic Accidents – 1,245

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