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1024823_blackboard.jpgIn dealing with your child’s special education needs in Florida, it is helpful to know the definitions of key terms utilized by special education law advocates, therapists, educators, administrators and school boards. Some key definitions include the following:

Individualized Education Program (IEP)

a yearly education plan written by teachers, therapists, psychologists, etc. and the child’s parents for school age children with disabilities


Service dogs help better the lives of Autistic Children. One prime example is Charlie who is owned by friends in California. Charlie was bred and trained by a wonderful organization called the North Star Foundation in Stors, Connecticut. You can read all about Charlie and his adventures at my friend’s blog – Charlie the North Star Dog. The North Star Foundation places service dogs with autistic children and special needs children to promote the social skills and other life skills for the child. According to the North Star Foundation Web Site, “We believe there is no better way to teach tolerance than through the eyes of a puppy being trained to help a child find their way to a happy and healthy tomorrow.”

I believe that everybody could learn a thing or two about life with a service dog. Hopefully, Charlie the North Star Dog will have years of happy adventures in the future as he betters this world one bark at a time. There is an article about Charlie the North Star Dog and other service dogs at American Kennel Club Gazette – Picking the Lot – Service Dogs Enter A New Specialty – Helping Autistic Children.