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852090_atv_muck.jpgATV (All Terrain Vehicle) accidents and injuries to children are preventable in Florida and elsewhere. Injuries from ATV accidents include fractures, abrasions, lacerations, head trauma, and in some instances death. The Daily Mail, a New York based website, reported that ” a recently released government report indicates that 555 Americans — including more than 100 youth — died from injuries sustained in all-terrain vehicle accidents nationwide last year. The Consumer Product Safety Commission further revealed that an additional 146,600 people received emergency room treatment for ATV-related injuries in 2006 (the most recent year numbers are available for).

The report also noted the top 10 states for ATV fatalities between 1982 and 2006. In order, they are Pennsylvania, 420; California, 418; West Virginia, 398; Texas, 386; Kentucky, 367; <strong>Florida, 349; Tennessee, 322; New York, 303; North Carolina, 297; and Michigan, 296.”

The Daily Mall posted a good article on the use and dangers of ATV at ATV Accidents Are Preventable.


All Florida children under the age of 16 must take a course in order to legally ride an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle). The purpose of the law is to educate children about the safe operation of ATVs. In turn, this training hopefully will reduce serious Florida child personal injuries sustained in ATV crashes and incidents. The new law also applies to dirt bikes as well. In 2006, there were 550 deaths caused by ATV accidents nationwide. You can read more about the law and comments on the same at State requires more all-terrain training to stem injury, death.

All owners and operators of ATVs should follow safety procedures especially when children are involved. Children do not have the strength, balance, or judgment of adults. Helmets should be worn, speed should be safe, and the terrain should be checked out at a slow speed on the initial run.

852091_four_wheelin.jpgA Florida ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) crash resulted in the death of William B. Coburn, a 9 year old, from Starke (Bradford County), Florida. The driver, Nathaniel D. Ryan, age 26, was driving the ATV on private property according to a Florida Highway Patrol Spokesman. I am completing a case involving a 9 year old who fell off an ATV in North Florida. The facts are strikingly similar to the facts involving William B. Coburn. In handling these legal matters, the following issues should be addressed by the Florida Child Injury Lawyer representing the family of the injured child:

1. Who owned the ATV?

2. Did the child have the permission of his parents to ride as a passenger on the ATV?