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Recently, three students and a flight instructor from the Florida Institute of Technology died as a result of a plane crash. The plane was reportedly malfunctioning at take off from the Palm Beach International Airport, but the flight instructor never reported a distress call.

Early indications point to engine failure as a result of the crash, however, a certain cause for the crash is not expected until the investigation is complete six months from now.

Three of the victims died at the scene and another died in route to a hospital. It is believed that once the plane made impact, there was an explosion, and the victims burned inside the plane. Autopsies are expected to be performed on the victims.


Pursuant to Chapter 5, Animals, Article II, Animal Services, Section 5-33 of the Ordinances for Orange County, Florida, dogs are required to wear a leash when off the owner’s property or on any piece of public property. If an officer observes a dog at learge, the officer may issue a warning or citation. If the officer cannot locate the owner after reasonable efforts, the officer may seize and impound the animal. Dogs are also prohibited from being tied, chained, or otherwised tethered to public property or the property of another without consent of the property owner. Therefore, you cannot tie your dog to a tree in a neighbor’s yard or public park without permission to do so. If transporting a dog in a vehicle, the dog may either be confined within a cage, crate or pen, which must be well ventilated and secured within the body of the vehicle, or restrained by leash to the center of the vehicle. The leash must be attached to the collar or harness of the dog and short enough to prevent the dog’s head from reaching the side or back of the vehicle.

You can read more about the Orange County, Florida dog leash provisions and other sections pertaining to Dogs at Orange County, Florida, Code of Ordinances.

Under Florida Law, if a child is bitten by a dog, regardless if the dog is leashed or not, the dog owner is responsible for the damages resulting from the dog bite. These damages include but are not limited to: medical bills (past and future), pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. If you have a question about a Florida dog bite and the related personal injuries to a child, it is important to have the advice, counsel, and legal representation of a Florida Child Injury Lawyer.

aircraft%20red%20helicopter.jpgIn Florida and other States, homeowners have a right to bear arms. While there is a right to own gun, there are also responsibilities that go along with gun ownership. In particular, the gun should be stored in a safe and secure location away from the reach or access by young children. Furthermore, gun owners should take all necessary precautions to make sure that the gun is not fired in the home except for instances involving self defense. In South Florida (Cutler Ridge), a 14 year old girl was accidentally shot to death according to a story reported at the The Miami Herald Newspaper Website and the Florida Times Union Newspaper Website. The bullet hit the child in the head. The girl was transported by emergency helicopter to Miami Children’s Hospital but rescue efforts were unsuccessful in saving her life.

Police detectives and crime scene specialists will investigate this incident to determine the following matters:

Was the gun registered?


A Tampa mother was recently arrested after leaving her 10 year old son alone at the Tampa International Airport. Martine Lifluer (age 31) was arrested one week after leaving her 10 year old son alone at the airport with no money and no supervision. The mother told her son to wait for his grandmother who apparently did not even know that the boy was at the airport. The mother left her son alone at the airport and then boarded a plane. After waiting over 1 hour and 30 minutes, the boy found airport personnel and asked if his grandmother could be called for him. The incident was reported to the Department of Children and Families. You can read more about this story at Mother Leaves 10 Year Old Son Alone and Unsupervised at the Tampa (Florida) International Airport.

aircraft%20airplane%20instrument%20panel.jpgA tragic accident recently took place in Leon County, Tallahassee, Florida. A small private plane was taking off from a private runway when it crashed into a Jeep vehicle that was driving alongside the single engine plane. After the Jeep was struck by the aircraft / airplane, the Jeep crashed into a tree. There were two people in the Jeep who died as a result of the crash. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will conduct an investigation into this crash. Authorities and investigators will evaluate various issues including but not limited to the following:

What was the layout and size of the runway?

Did the pilot have a license?


Two planes crashed over the Florida Everglades in midair. The planes’ wreckage was located approximately miles west of the Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood Airport. Each plane had two occupants according to the Broward County Florida’s Sheriff’s Office. The wreckage area was only accessible by Airboat due to the swampy area where the wreckage landed. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) will conduct an investigation along with local authorities to try to locate the survivors (if any) and remains of the dead. It is interesting and tragic to note that each plane was on a training flight at the time of the crash. It is uncertain at this time who was piloting the planes at the time of the crash. The airplanes were identified as a Cessna 172 and a Piper PA-44 Seminole. According to the Broward County Sheriff’s office, both planes were operating under Visual Flight Rules. This makes it the responsibility of the pilot for avoiding other aircraft in the airspace. One of the occupants of the plane has been reported to be Bryan Sax, a 37 year old from Aspen, Colorado. Sax has two daughters and a step son. You can read more about this tragic crash at Two Planes Collide over Florida Everglades – Four People Presumed Dead.

An accident reconstruction team will be assembled by the Federal Aviation Authority which will examine the wreckage, equipment, flight plans, documents from the aviation schools, and other documents / evidence to determine the cause of the crash and the responsibility for the crash.