Car Seat Alarm – Affordable Product that Could Prevent Serious Injuries and Death


With more children dying in 2010 from being left in their over-heated cars than ever before, parents, child care providers, babysitters, schools, and day care centers, and grandparents are starting to take action to stop these preventable accidents. One man, Russ Rusakov, is leading the movement with his company Suddenly Safe ‘N’ Secure systems. Rusakov, who is a father of four, started to realize how easy it was to get distracted and forget a child once he started watching his three grandchildren. It was through this experience that Rusakov invented the safety seat alarm system to make sure his grandchildren, as well as thousands of other children, are protected from the risk of an over-heated car.

The safety seat alarm system is a weight sensitive pad that slips under a car seat, and is connected to a tiny transmitter. Once the adult walks only six feet away from the car, an alarm that is connected to a key chain begins to alert the driver with an 80 decibel sound and vibration. Rusakov put the device has on the market in March at $70 an alarm and has already sold over 400 of them.

An invention like the safety seat alarm is especially helpful in states like Florida, which has among the highest number of child-heat related deaths in the country every year. “It should not happen, but it can happen. We’ve got to be prepared for it,” Rusakov said. “The ultimate goal is to keep children safe.”

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