Cape Coral, Florida – Three Children Wander Away From Daycare


Three children, one as young as two years old, escaped undetected from a Grace Community Schools daycare center in Cape Coral Florida. The children crossed a busy street where they were gathered up by concerned onlookers. Moments later a few of the school’s employees came outside to look for the kids. One of the onlookers, Nicholas Nuzzi, called the Cape Coral police department to report the incident. He also made a report to the Florida Department of Children and Families.

The Florida Department of Children and Families has confirmed that it is investigating the complaint, and that this particular incident is one of several charges of abuse and neglect made against Grace Community Schools’ schools and daycare center operators. Because the schools are run under a religious exemption, they are not licensed or inspected by the state. Read more about this daycare at Toddlers escape from Cape Coral daycare.

In Florida, a day care center can operate under a religious exempt status if the day care center is part of a bona fide religious institution. But even religious exempt day care centers have employment screening and background checks as well as other requirements. Parents should the take the time and effort to collect information and speak to the day care owners, day care workers, other parents, and the State regulatory agency about the day care center where they will be leaving their child, whether the daycare is state licensed or not.

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