Can Surveillance Video on School Buses and Other Vehicles be Used in a Subsequent Civil or Criminal case?


In many schools and cities, school buses day care center vans and other modes of transportation are equipped with surveillance cameras. Surveillance video and photographs can be extremely helpful when investigating a civil or criminal case involving a school bus accident or an incident that takes place on the school bus. Without the video surveillance evidence or footage, often times there are more than one version of the course of events. This can be especially difficult when one version comes from an adult and one version comes from the child. Whenever there is an incident or accident involving personal injury or the attack on a child, a parent is often faced with many challenges and issues. First and foremost, the parent should get the child the necessary medical care to evaluate and treat the child. Often times, in these situations, it is helpful to contact a Florida Child Injury Lawyer for advice, consultation, and legal representation.

A Florida Child Injury Lawyer can provide guidance on these matters including how to make sure that the school and investigators preserve the video and photographs captured on the video surveillance equipment. If there is a criminal or civil case pursued regarding the incident or accident, the video and photographic evidence can, in many cases, be very helpful to proving the negligence on the part of the at fault driver or the attendants involved in the incident.

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