Callahan Florida Teen Dies in Single Car Auto Accident in Baxley, Georgia

Tragedy in the form of a fatal Baxley, Georgia automobile accident has hit the small town of Callahan, Florida which is just North of Jacksonville Florida. Brooke Dover, Liana Sutton, and Joshua Melton died in a car accident in Baxley, Georgia. The death Brooke Dover, a West Nassau High School student, devastated the students and teachers at the school.

The cause of the accident was unknown. Local and State police agencies will conduct a homicide accident investigation to determine the cause of the accident which could range from mechanical defects to road hazards to driver negligence. In accidents of this nature, families often times retain a Jacksonville Florida personal injury attorney or accident reconstruction experts to determine the cause of the accident. Work by different professionals and police agencies may provide answers, peace of mind, and also may, in some instances, prevent further injuries and deaths.

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