Bus Driver Arrested in Melbourne (Brevard County), Florida for Threatening a Mother with a Pipe


Acide Pierre Louis, a Brevard County (Melbourne) Florida school bus driver was recently arrested for aggravated assault. Mr. Pierre Louis drove off from a bus stop without picking up the 11 year old child assigned to his bus. The mother of child followed the bus to the next bus stop and asked the bus driver while he left her child behind. An argument ensued to the point that the bus driver threatened the mother with a pipe used to check the tires. After an investigation, the bus driver was arrested for aggravated assault.

Bus drivers should pay close attention to the road so as to avoid automobile accidents, trucking accidents, and injuries to the children on the school bus.

Bus drivers should do their job and treat every child and parent with respect. While bus drivers are confronted with stressful situations and need to police the bus to some extent, bus driver should not arm themselves with weapons or make threats against parents.

If you have a problem with a school bus driver, speak to the driver if you are able to. If not, take up the problem with the principal, school administration, transportation department or supervisor, and if necessary to the school board / district. See Bus driver arrested after threatening parent with pipe.

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