Bus Assignments and After School Programs – Importance of Checklist and Accuracy – Child Transported to Empty Apartment in Lakeland, Florida


In Florida and other States, working parents rely on after school programs including those at the YMCA. It is vital that school and after school programs have checklists and a system in place to insure that children are transported on the correct bus to the correct location. Otherwise, a child may be left unsupervised and be at risk for personal injuries. In Lakeland, Florida, Kaylee Mitchell (age 5) was mistakenly taken to an empty home rather than to her after school program at the YMCA. Fortunately, Kaylee did not suffer any injuries but was certainly was put in a dangerous situation. The school apologized for the mistake. Hopefully, checklists and other safety measures will be followed or revised to make sure that this situation is not repeated as to Kaylee or any other children. You can read more about this story at 5 Year Old Lakeland Girl Transported to Empty Home Rather Than After School Program.