Bunk Bed Injuries: Children Are Injured and Die Every Year from Bunk Bed Related Incidents


Every year 36,000 injuries and some deaths result from bunk bed incidents and accidents. A recent study was conducted by the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Experts do not recommend bunk beds for any children under 6 years old. In addition, experts discourage parents from purchasing used bunk beds unless you know that the used bunk bed meets safety standards. Any parent who has a bunk bed in the house should set down the rules for the children and their friends. Even bunk beds that meet safety standards can be the site of an injury for children who are playing and not being careful. A child is not Superman, Spiderman, or Wonder Woman when playing in a bunk bed. As such, the child needs to be careful since the bunk bed is elevated at a level that can cause seriously personal injuries if there is a fall. You can read more about this topic at Bunk Bed Safety for Kids.

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