Buckman Bridge Crash – Leaves 1 Dead and 3 Injured – Use of Emergency Lane – Death Investigation


A crash on the Buckman Bridge in Jacksonville / Orange Park, Florida has left one man dead and three injured according to the Florida Highway Patrol. The FHP reports that Jhony Nunez-Serrano was stopped hearing Northbound in the emergency lane at about 3:45 a.m. Another man, John Dame Robinson, of Green Cove Springs, crashed into the Nunez-Serrano vehicle. As a result of the crash, Mr. Nunez-Serrano died and three others were injured. The Florida Highway Patrol will complete a death investigation into this matter to determine the causes and contributing causes for the crash. Mr. Nunez-Serrano reportedly had mechanical problems with his vehicle and pulled into the emergency lane. It is uncertain and unknown at this time why James Dame Robinson was in the emergency lane. It is also certain if Jhady Nunez-Serrano put his caution / flashing lights on when he pulled over.

Toxicology testing will be completed for each driver to determine if drugs or alcohol played any role in this accident. In Florida, automobile accident cases are subject to comparative fault negligence laws. In other words, a jury can apportion fault between two or more people or Defendants if the jury determines more than one party was at fault. The Florida Highway Patrol report is important but is not binding for a civil case by an injured party. As such, an injured party can retain his or her own attorney and accident reconstruction expert to pursue a civil action regardless of the conclusions of the Florida Highway Patrol investigation, report, and conclusions.

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