Bryan Lebron, Jr. (Age 11) and Mitchell Bowers (Age 12) Die in Unrelated Bicycle Accidents


In Florida and the rest of the nation, bicycle accidents, injuries, and deaths involving children continue to take place and are frequently reported. In Tampa, Bryan Lebron, Jr. (age 11) was hit as he was trying to cross a busy street while riding with his father and another sibling. In an unrelated bicycle accident, Mitchell Bowers (age 12) dies after reportedly turning left from a bicycle lane in front of a car.

Both of these incidents will be fully investigated by the Tampa Police Department, the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office, and / or Florida Highway Patrol. The information obtained from witnesses and these reports will certainly help provide answers as to how the accidents took place and if the accidents were avoidable or due to negligence.

In Florida, an independent investigation can also be conducted by any party to the incident to determine the facts or causes of a certain accident. It is often times helpful to have a trained investigator and a Florida Child Injury Lawyer assist with the investigation. Florida is a comparative fault state. In other words, there can be shared or apportioned fault for an accident in a civil case.

The deaths of these young children show the importance of bicycle safety as well as the dangers of bicycle riding on or near Florida roads. See 2 Boys Die in Separate Bike Accidents – Florida Times Union.