British Woman Catches Baby Who Fell From Second Story Balcony at Orlando Econo Lodge Hotel


A toddler escaped serious personal injury after she fell from the top floor a four-story Florida hotel and was caught by a British woman. 16-month-old Jah-Nea Myles apparently slipped through the balcony railing and fell into the arms of Helen Beard. Beach was at the hotel’s pool when she saw the toddler hanging from the railing and ran underneath her to catch the child. Investigators with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office described the child as playful after the incident. Helena Myles, Jah-Nea’s mother, told police her friend Dominique Holt was watching her child in the adjacent hotel room. Holt, 21, told police she went to the bathroom and all of a sudden heard screaming and saw the balcony door ajar. Holt ran out onto the balcony where she saw Jah-Nea in Beard’s arms. Police said no criminal charges are pending. For more read 16-month-old toddler escapes serious personal injury after falling from balcony of Florida hotel.

This child is incredibly lucky. She could have sustained serious personal injuries or death. Direct supervision of children is a key method in preventing many child injuries. Of course, some incidents happen so fast that they are difficult to predict or prevent. Parents, day care providers, teachers, babysitters, and others should be mindful of any areas that may endanger a child like balconies, swimming pools, parking lots, and other locations.