Brevard County Pit Bull Attack – What Florida Laws Apply?


In Florida, children are the unfortunate victims of dog bite incidents and attacks. It was reported that an 11 year old Florida girl was bitten and attacked by a Florida Pit Bull breed type of dog. Trinity Ciolfi, age 11, was bitten when leaving a friend’s house. She was later admitted to the hospital with fractured arms and lacerations. There was a large area on her arm that was injured as a result of the attack. Government officials put the dog under a 10 day quarantine. Unfortunately, the dog did not have its Rabies shots in order. See Dog Attack of a Central (Brevard County) Florida Girl.

Following a dog bite / attack injury to a child, there are many issues and challenges for a parent to deal with. Florida dog bite cases are governed by Chapter 767, Florida Statutes and local dog leash and dangerous dog ordinances and laws. Florid has a strict liability law in place for dog bite injuries. In other words, a dog owner is liable for a dog bite even if the dog did not have a history of aggression. A dog owner is liable regardless of its propensity or likelihood that it would bite a child or adult. Strict liability is different than common negligence which would require that the dog owner did something wrong or was at fault for the dog bite related injuries. In Florida, the privilege of dog ownership comes with it the responsibility for the acts and bites of the dog. There are some limited exceptions to the strick liability laws in Florida. For instance, a dog owner may be able to avoid responsibility if the dog bite victim was a trespasser and / or the dog bite victim purposely provoked the dog. In most dog bite attacks, the injured child is simply a victim who deserves compensation under Florida law for the injuries suffered as a result of the dog attack / dog bite.

Most Florida counties have a leash law in place. See Florida Dog Leash Laws – County by County. In addition, most Florida counties have a dangerous dog law in place. See Florida Dangerous Dog Laws – County by County. When a child is injured as a result of a dog bite, it is important to consult with a Florida Dog Bite attorney as to the rights of the injured child. In pursuing these cases, it is often helpful if the dog bite owner has homeowner’s insurance in place that covers damages for dog bite injuries. Unfortunately, many homeowner’s insurance policies have exemptions for dog bite injuries or animal attacks. If there is no coverage in place, the dog owner is still legally liable for the injuries or damage; however, payment for these damages must come directly from the Florida dog owner rather than the homeowner’s insurance company.