Brevard County Florida Turns Over Day Care Center / Child Care Center Inspections to the Florida Department of Children and Families (Florida DCF)


The Brevard County Health Department is currently responsible for the inspection of 176 child care centers and 46 family day care centers operated out of private homes. For the past 20 years or so, Brevard County has completed these inspections and run the oversight of the child care facilities. Beginning January 1, 2012, the Florida Department of Children and Families will take over these responsibilities. Brevard County was one of only five of 67 counties in the State of Florida that completed the day care inspections. Regardless of the government entity conducting inspections, it is important for Florida day care centers to be inspected and to otherwise comply with the rules, laws, regulations, and statutes governing Florida Day Care Centers / Florida Child Care Centers. See Florida DCF to Take Over Day Care Center Inspections.

In Florida, Day Care Centers / Child Care Centers are subject to different rules and regulations. See Florida Day Care Center Rules and Regulations – Frequently Asked Questions. Unfortunately, children suffer personal injuries when regulations are violated by day care centers. When a child suffers an injury, there is questions and issued faced by the parent. The book titled – The ABCs of Child Injury – Legal Rights of the Injured Child – What Every Parent Should Know – has chapters on Day Care Center Injuries, School Injuries, Damages / Compensation, Medical Treatment / Medical Bills, and other topics. To receive this book for free, go to The ABCs of Child Injury.

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