Brevard County Florida – Number of Homeless Students Doubles in One Year


The number of homeless schoolchildren in Brevard County, Florida doubled this year to reach an all-time high of 572 students, compared to 274 just a year ago. The majority of these students are classified as “in transition,” living with relatives or family friends after losing their homes to foreclosure. Only 81 students are living in emergency shelters, hotels, or on the streets.

The increase in reported homeless schoolchildren has qualified the Brevard County school system for nearly $100,000 in federal grants to help children in need. The grant funds may be used for case management and to cover college application and testing fees as well as for school supplies, books and even some health care.

It is just one more unfortunate side effect of the bad economy that so many more students are becoming homeless. Children in school should be able to concentrate on learning and growing, but for those without a home or enough food to eat, that can be a real challenge. Hopefully, as the economy begins to turn around, the number of homeless children will drop back to pre-recession numbers. Until then, it is fortunate that there are government grants available to help these children when they are in crisis.

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