Bree McMahon (17 Year Old Girl) Loses Legs in Car Wash Accident – Florida Legal RIghts and Responsibilities


In Orange County (Orlando), Florida, a 17 year old girl (Bree McMahon) suffered a serious personal injury shen she was pinned between a car and a wall at a car wash fundraiser. Bree was later taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center for evaluation, treatment, surgery, and admission. Bree suffered severe crush injuries to both legs. Her left leg had to be amputated and her right leg was severely injured and will need extensive physical therapy.

Many legal and financial issues or questions arise from such an incident:

What safety precautions were in place to prevent such incidents from taking place?

Where was the car wash being held? Who owned the property where the car wash was being held?

Who was operating the vehicle at the time of the incident?

What adults were supervising the car wash?

What was the involvement of the soccer club as to the fund raiser?

What insurance will apply to the injuries? Health insurance? Automobile insurance? Business liability insurance? Homeowner’s insurance? Club liability insurance?

What safety precautions should have been in place to prevent this incident?

Bree McMahon will have a long period of rehabilitation. Bree will face certain challenges in life in dealing with these injuries. Furthermore, it will be a challenge for her family as well. Hopefully, safety precautions will be taken in the future to prevent incidents like these from taking place. Fundraisers and car washes can be fun but they can also be dangerous without safety precautions and proper supervision in place. You can read more about this story 17 Year Old Girl Suffers Serious Injuries at Soccer Fundraising Car Wash.