Bradenton, Florida Girl’s Diary Leads to Arrest of Child Rapist (Michael Wayne Kelly)


A 7 year old Bradenton girl wrote in her diary that she was raped several times by a 50 year old – Michael Wayne Kelly. The girl also wrote that Mr. Kelly showed her pornographic movies. According to news reports citing the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office as the source, Mr. Kelly admitted to the rapes and claimed that the child initiated the encounters. Assuredly, Mr. Kelly’s attorney, whether it is a private criminal attorney or public defender, will advise him that this argument will not serve as a defense in any manner of the felony rapes that he committed. Unless there is some defense arguments that can suppress the admission and somehow repute the claims of the child as contained in the diary, it appears that Mr. Kelly will be residing in the Florida State Prison System for an extended stay of many years. Of course, a person is innocent until proven guilty in Florida and other States; nevertheless, the initial facts as reported in the news do not look very good for Mr. Kelly. The community and society will be a little safer with Mr Kelly behind bars away from vulnerable children. You can read more about this story at Bradenton Man Arrested for Raping 7 Year Old.