Boys Taken from Levy County Playground Safely Returned – Police Investigation for Man in Red and White Pick Up Truck


In Levy County (Williston), Florida, two 1st graders were taken from a Levy County (Williston) playground recently. A man in a red and white pick up truck took the children into his truck, drove 100 yards, and the children got out on the side of the road. The Joyce M. Bullock Elementary School was placed on lock down following the incident according to the Levy County Sheriff’s Office. The boys later reported that they did not know the man in the pick up truck. Fortunately, the boys were returned; however, it is quite frightening for the children, parents, and community that this incident took place that similar incidents could take place in the future in Levy County and other counties in Florida. You can read more about this story at Levy County Deputies Seek Man in Pick Up Truck Who Grabbed 1st Graders from School Playground.