Boynton Beach Mother Faces Criminal Charges for Injuries Causing Child to Be Deaf and Blind


A baby, who was not even 3 months old, suffered serious personal injuries while under the care of his mother – Madria Eyvette Roundtree. She has been charged with neglect after her baby suffered head injuries. From a story posted at The Palm Beach News Website, the baby may have suffered the injuries from a fall from bed. Thereafter, it appears that there was a delay in getting the baby medical attention. Other family members urged Ms. Roundtree to see more timely medical care and evaluation according to the article.

Of course, Ms. Roundtree is entitled to legal representation on this matter through a private attorney or through the public defender’s office. Ms. Roundtree, through her attorney, will probably argue that there was no intent to harm her child and that she was unaware of the severity of the injuries until she took the child into the hospital. There may also be arguments that the delay or alleged delay did not cause any further injuries. Of course, there are a great many of details from a forensic and medical standpoint that will be developed by each side as this case progresses further.

Parenting certainly is not a part time job or responsibility especially when caring for infants and babies. Since children this young cannot communicate their needs or ailments, it is vital that a parent or caregiver is very diligent in getting a child medical care any time there is a doubt or concern about the health or well being of a child.

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