Boy Hit by Pick Up Truck Waiting for School Bus in Clermont Florida


During the school year and even summer time, children travel to school in school buses. Many are picked up at a designated Florida school bus stop and dropped off at the same location. Unfortunately and tragically, many Florida children suffer serious personal injuries and death every year while waiting at a school bus stop. It is important for all drivers to slow down any time there are or may be children in a designated area especially at a school bus stop. In Clermont, Florida, it was reported that a boy was hit by a pick up truck while he waited for a school bus in the morning. The boy was later rushed to a local hospital where he died. It was reported in the Miami Herald and other Florida news outlets that the driver did not have a driver’s license and may face other charges related to this horrible automobile / pedestrian accident.

The death of a child is an event that will have a life long impact on the family, neighborhood, school and the community. For more information, see Central Florida Boy Struck and Killed at Bus Stop.

A child injury is a tragic moment in time for a family that often times brings up many legal issues for the family to face. A Florida child injury lawyer can help sort through the confusion and legal / financial challenges of dealing with a child injury.

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