Bonita Springs Man (Jan Willem Koks) Arrested for Cruelty to a Child (Fractured Leg) in Bonita Springs, Florida


Jan Willem Koks, age 24, was arrested and jailed in Lee County (Bonita Springs) Florida recently with a charge of cruelty toward a child. According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, the 2 month old child was taken to the hospital 17 hours after observation of a visible injury. When the parents were at the hospital, there was no explanation for how the injury occurred. A cold or flu can take place for unexplained reasons. Typically, there is a reason or explanation for a fractured leg on such a young child. The fracture to the right leg, bruising in the area of the fracture, delay in treatment, delay in reporting, and other factors led the hospital to report this matter to the police and led the police to an arrest. Under Florida law, Mr. Koks will have the right to an attorney and a trial if necessary. Hopefully, additional information will be obtained through the investigation that will help explain how this child was hurt. The Florida Department of Children and Families put the child into sheltered care pending the investigation. In many instances, the child will be placed in the care of extended family with orders in place as to no contact or supervised contact from the parents. You can read more about the story at 2 Month Old Shows Up at Lee County Hospital with Leg Fracture.

Unfortunately, children suffer personal injuries and even death in Florida schools, day care centers, neighbor’s homes, playgrounds, malls, theme parks, and, yes, even there own homes every day. Injuries inflicted due to abuse, neglect, or negligence should be investigated by the police, Department of Children and Families, and / or a Florida Child Injury Lawyer. Children should be protected (not harmed) and given the best care and supervision by parents, family, caregivers, teachers, friends, and neighbors at all times.