Body of 2 Year Old (Luis Martinez) Believed to be Found in Uncovered Septic Tank in Valrico, Florida


When a child goes missing, the family, neighbors, friends, and the community join together in an effort to locate the child. Luis Martinez, age 2, was a child who went missing. It was reported by Fox News that 400 volunteers were gathered together to search for Luis. Tragically, it is believed that Luis’ body was found in an uncovered septic tank. An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause, manner, and timing of death. Tragic stories like this show the importance of adult supervision as well as proper home maintenance. It was reported that the septic tank had an 11 inch opening which presented a dangerous condition for any child or adult walking or playing in the yard. Children especially toddlers are very curious. Unfortunately, toddlers have poor safety awareness and do not understand when they wonder into a dangerous area or situation. The tragic death of Luis Martinez will certainly have an impact on his family, neighbors, friends, and the community.