Boca Raton Police Lift Car and Free Child Trapped Underneath Car at Elementary School


Boca Raton, Florida police officers lift car and save a child trapped underneath the car. Quick thinking and some old fashioned man power saved this child and the family of the child is certainly very thankful for the action. The life saving actions were captured on the dash camera of one of the police vehicles. You can view the video at Boca Police Lift Car to Save a Child.

The incident took place at Verde Elementary School in Boca Raton, Florida. School zones can be dangerous areas for children. Especially during morning drop off and afternoon pick up, there are hundreds of children in any given school walking or riding their bicycles. Drivers should do their best to drive slowly and carefully in or near any school zone. It is well known that children lack good judgment and often times walk too close to vehicles or other dangers. That is why it is so important for drivers to slow down and look out for children in and near school zones.

Many schools and communities are blessed with brave and quick thinking officers like the one who lifted the vehicle at Vedre Elementary School.

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