Bicyclists Injured Riding on Old St. Augustine Road in Jacksonville, Florida.


Florida counties, cities, and municipalities establish bicycle lanes for the use and safety of bicyclists. Drivers have a duty to yield to bicyclists utilizing these specially designated bicycle lanes. Unfortunately, some drivers fail to observe or visualize bicyclists in the these lanes and drive into the lanes while they are occupied by bicyclists. On Old St. Augustine Road, Chastity Rettinger, age 36, and another bicyclists were in the designated bicycle lane when they were hit by a driver who switched lanes. Tragically, Chastity Rettinger died at the scene. A homicide investigation will be completed by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and / or the Florida Highway Patrol to determine the cause of the accident. An autopsy may be performed to determine the cause of death which would appear to be the trauma from the incident.

All drivers are encouraged to yield to bicyclists especially children. Saving a life and avoiding serious personal injuries are much more important than saving time by getting somewhere quicker. Be on the lookout for all pedestrians, bicyclists, and other drivers. Their lives depend on your attention and safe driving habits.

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