Bicyclist Death in St. Augustine Involving Delivery Truck – Investigation and Cause of Accident


A German tourist, Karla Koehler, was struck by a delivery truck in St. Augustine, Florida. The accident took place at the intersection of San Marco Drive and Bernard Street. Tragically, she died as a result of the accident. Her husband was riding his bicycle behind her at the time of the accident. The St. Augustine Police Department will investigate this accident as to cause, contributing factor, and right of way.

St. Augustine is filled with pedestrians and bicyclist on a daily basis. I have visited St. Augustine many times both during the week and on weekends. Some streets and sidewalks are narrow and vehicles must drive slow to account for the foot and bicycle traffic. Caution and awareness on the part of both drives and bicyclists can help avoid accidents involving injury and death.

Mrs. Koehler was killed on impact. It is certainly a tragedy whether a tourist or a local resident is killed in an trucking accident / bicycle accident.

The St. Augustine Police Department or another police agency will ultimately issue a homicide report. Assistance may come from the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office and / or the Florida Highway Patrol in conducting this investigation. Whatever the results of the investigation of this nature, the victim’s family has the ability to hire a private attorney and accident reconstruction expert to conduct its own investigation as to the cause of such an accident.

The accident was reported in the Jacksonville Florida Times Union Newspaper. As one ready commented online to the article, “so sad”. Simple but certainly appropriate words as commentary of this tragedy.

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