Bicycle Safety in Florida – The Right Fit and Safety Equipment for Your Child


Children bike year round in Jacksonville, Florida and other parts of Florida. When purchasing a bicycle for a child, it is important to get the right bicycle for the child that is dependent on age, size, balance, and skill of the child. Retailers like Target, Wal-Mart, Sports Authority, and Dick’s sell bicycles for children but the sales associates at these locations are not always knowledgeable about the special needs of a child. We recently purchased bicycles for our children at Bikes, Kites & More in Jacksonville (St. Johns) Florida. The customer service as well as the knowledge of the owners were very impressive. Our children were placed in bicycles that suited their respective age, size, and ability. Bikes, Kites & More also had a nice selection of helmets in stock. I would highly recommend Bikes, Kites & More to any parent looking for the right bicycle for a child. Safety, quality, and great customer service are all in place at Bikes, Kites & More.

While buying the right bicycle and safety equipment can help prevent or reduce accidents, these actions will not rid the streets of negligent drivers who at times cause serious personal injuries to child pedestrians and bicycle riders. If there is a bicycle accident or injury to a child, it is important to get advice, counsel and representation from a Florida Child Personal Injury Lawyer. Be careful out on the streets and bicycle paths.

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