Bicycle Helmet Laws – Florida and Nationwide


Florida law requires that a child under the age of 16 wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. There is no federal law in place that mandates bicycle helmets for children. Bicycle helmet laws vary from state to state. There is a good website that has a list of helmet laws state by state. Bicycle Helmet Laws in Florida and Other States.

I make sure that my child has a helmet on while riding a bicycle, scooter, or any other riding device. Repetition has made this a good habit for my children. On one occasion, we were walking our dog and my daughter (age 3) was riding in a push car. The dog took off after another dog and her leash pulled my daughter out of the riding car. The helmet literally safed her life. The helmet cracked when it hit the cement but my daughter escaped with no injuries.

If a child is injured while not wearing a helmet, it is not a bar to recovery. In other words, the at fault driver is still responsible for the injuries caused by negligence. The failure to wear a helmet may factor into the settlement or jury award but would not prevent a recovery for child injuries. It is important to consult an Florida child injury lawyer regarding bicycle injuries to make sure that your child’s legal rights are protected and enforced when necessary.