BB Guns Can Kill: Protect Your Children in Florida

BB guns and air powered rifles can cause serious personal injury and death to children. It is important that parents monitor the use of BB guns and air powered rifles in the possession or control of a minor. I personally have decided to refrain from such purposes. My kids play and argue with each other and friends all the time. I do not think that a BB gun or air powered rifle are smart purchases. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that children under 16 refrain from using high velocity BB guns or pellet guns.

If a child is injured as a result of the negligent or even purposeful use of a BB gun, pellet gun, or air powered rifle – there may be an action for negligent supervision and / or negligent entrustment. Many of these cases are covered under homeowner’s insurance policies. Call a Jacksonville Florida injury attorney for more information on claims of this nature.

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