Baseball Sports Injury in Jacksonville Florida Causes Death of Ribault High School Athlete (Gregory Green)


In Jacksonville, Florida, a high school athlete lost his life while playing baseball. The incident took place at a baseball practice for the Ribault High School baseball team. Gregory Green, age 17, was hit in the head by a baseball during batting practice for the high school baseball team. It was reported by the Jacksonville Times Union website / newspaper that Gregory was standing behind a screen during practice. The news report did not mention whether or not Gregory was wearing a helmet while pitching practice that day. Gregory tried to avoid getting hit by the ball but it was difficult in that the ball hit the screen’s metal frame and then struck Gregory in the head. It was a most unfortunate and tragic head injury that took place during baseball practice.

Gregory Green was a role model for his peers, school, family, and community. In addition to playing baseball, he was a member of the Marine Corps ROTC Ribault High School program. He also had a 4.0 GPA (Grade Point Average). Gregory certainly had a bright future ahead of him. You can read more about this story at High School Baseball Player Struck in Head by Baseball During Practice – Ribault High School.

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