Baker County Florida 1 Year Old Suffers Serious Personal Injuries In Tractor Backover Accident


In Baker County, Florida, a 1 year old (Jeffery Dale Doss, Jr.) suffer serious personal injuries in a tractor accident. Prior to the accident, Jeffery was playing in a small pool while his father was working. A neighbor was operating a tractor on the Doss property at the time. Unknown to the father and the neighbor operating the tractor, Jeffery moved behind the rear tire of the tractor. What happened next was very tragic and frightening . . . Jeffery was run over and injured by the tractor and is rear wheel.

Jeffery was taken to a Baker County, Florida hospital and then transferred to Shands. You can read more about this story at Boy Injured by Tractor in Baker County, Florida.

Tractor related injuries and deaths happen in Florida and other States. There was a study of tractor related deaths many years ago in Georgia. In a ten year period, over 200 people died as a result of an accident or incident involving a tractor. While tractors are typically slow moving, serious injuries and deaths continue to take place. As such, safety precautions should be taken especially when small children are present or near the operation or use of a tractor.