Babysitting Classes and Courses: Great Education and Experience for Babysitters


In Florida and other States, there are a number of babysitting courses available that help educate responsible children and teens about the responsibilities and duties of a babysitter. A formal babysitting class ranges in length from a one to two day course typically. Children learn about CPR, choking, 911, emergency situations, communication with parents, communication with children, and other tasks. I believe that taking a babysitting course is a responsible step or action by both the babysitter or the babysitter in training as well as the parent of the babysitter. It is a milestone in a way for the babysitter that definitively states that, “I am now older and have responsibilities.” When a child / teen completes the babysitting course, praise and recognition should be given. It is also important for parents to have a discussion with the babysitter who completed the training to find out what was learned, what was retained, and what actions / steps will be used by the babysitter when completing a babysitting job. The money and time spent in a babysitting class are certainly well worth it when you consider that the education will benefit both the babysitter and the children supervised by the babysitter. In Jacksonville, Florida, the JCA (Jewish Community Alliance) has an excellent babysitting course that is offered periodically at the JCA located at 8505 San Jose Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida 32217 – (904) 730-2100.