Babysitter in Gainesville Florida Arrested for Child Abuse Allegations Following Shaking Baby Incident


In Gainesville, Florida, a babysitter (Davana Victoria Symonette – age 19) has been charged and arrested for child abuse. The charges stem from Ms. Symonette shaking a one year old boy that he was babysitting. The mother witnessed the careless and dangerous actions and contacted the police. According to a story posted at the Gainesville Sun newspaper website, Ms. Symonette texted the mother after the incident acknowledging the mother that what Ms. Symonette had done was wrong.

Shaken Baby Syndrome results form a small child being shaken by an adult. It is well known that babies and children will cry. Shaking children can cause serious injuries and deaths. Shaken baby incidents take place because caregivers and babysitters are ignorant of the effects of shaking a child. Yes, babysitting can be frustrating at times, but this frustration is by no means justification for shaking a child or harming a child.