Baby Toiletries Linked to Chemical Risk to Children

Recent studies on children have determined that baby toiletries which include lotions and powders may be linked to a high concentration of phtalates in children. Phthalates may be the cause of reproductive abdnormalities, allergies and ezcema according to Sheela Sathyanarayana, acting assistant professor at the University of Washington. Unborn children and infants are especially vulnerable to chemicals that disrupt their hormonal balances because their reproductive systems are still developing, she says.

“It’s hard to trace where these chemicals are coming from,” Sathyanarayana says. “They could be causing harm, but we don’t know to what extent.”

The USA Today covered this topic at Baby Toiletries Linked to Chemical Risk to Children. If you are concerned about the health and exposure of your children, it is important to discuss your concerns with your pediatrician and family doctor.

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