Baby Suffers Serious Personal Injuries While Parents Smoke Meth


In Bay County, Florida, police officials reported that a baby suffered serious personal injuries while his parents were smoking methamphetamine (meth). It is clear that intoxication or impairment due to alcohol or drug consumption impacts a person’s ability to use good judgment including the judgment needed to properly supervise a child. The two year old boy suffered a head injury from a chair that broke. Instead of calling 911 immediately or getting the child needed medical care, duct tape was put on the child’s head. Thereafter the parents kept on smoking meth. It was not until the next morning that the parents sought medical care for their son. Police authorities arrested the parents (Jessica Huskey and John Huskey) for child abuse and possession of methamphetamine.

Jessica Huskey and John Huskey will be entitled to a criminal defense attorney regarding these charges. Child neglect and endangerment charges do not require the element of drug use. Certainly, the use of drugs did not help the situation. In dealing with child neglect charges, police and State prosecutors evaluate each case to determine the level and extent of neglect. Each case must be reviewed based on the particular facts. In this matter, it would be interesting to know the following:

What symptoms did the child have after the head injury?

How often was the child evaluated by the parents after the initial injury?

How much drugs were consumed between the time of the injury and the time that the child received medical care?

Is it possible that the extent of the child’s injuries were not readily apparent by the parents?

If the child received more timely medical care, what would the child’s condition or prognosis be?

Why didn’t the parents immediately call 911 or take the child to the emergency room?

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